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About Klaas

Klaas van der Pijl has been photographing ever since his mother gave him her old camera when he was 9 years old. Some years and a lot of film later he discovers the single lens reflex camera and he never stops photographing.

Later Klaas discovers the importance of context. He finds that a picture is never just a picture. It always has a relationship with its surroundings. Slowly but steady this context becomes more and more important in his work. It changes from two dimensional images to multimedia installations. In these works the installation can be the context for the photo, but it can also happen that the photo becomes a context for the installation.

The works Klaas creates are expressions of his view on the world and his vision on how man works. He is a psychologist, and uses this background as a foundation for much of his work. Sometimes Klaas puts himself in a more illustrative role, and sometimes he criticizes, but his intentions are always to not only show the audience his intended message, but to enable them to actually experience it.