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The unconscious mind is often depicted as some sort of small person in our head, the "homunculus". This small person controls our every move. It operates our movement and takes all kinds of decisions for us. Some people like this notion. They like not having to think about everything or interpret it as some kind of guidance from the sky. Other people dislike the idea of not being in control. How does one control ones unconsciousness? Why do we do things without having an influence on how they go?

In order to find answers to these questions people have been conducting research on the unconscious mind for years. We try in every way we can think of to find out what it is, how it behaves and maybe even more important, why it behaves itself that way. Despite all these efforts there still are no definitive answers and ideas on the unconscious mind are put forward as often as they are disregarded.

This piece is a reference to the intangibility of the unconscious mind. My view of what this little person would look like if it really existed in our heads. Unfortunately one can never see this image, as it is always trying to flee from us. If we run hard enough to catch a glimpse of it our view is distorted by the skull which we have to look through. this causes us to never really see the Homunculus' true self.

This work consists of a glass head, containing an imagination of a homunculus. When a viewer tries to get a closer look, it turns away from him.

With many thanks to Joost van der Borg for assisting me in the programming of the rotation and sensor sequence.